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We Are Professinal Manufacturer Engaged In The Research, Development, Production, Sale And Service of plastic pipe fittings, sprinklers and drippers, drip tape, drip pipe, valves, filter.

Preferred material

Our products use high-quality environmentally friendly materials.

Free samples

All samples we provide are free. You just need to pay the postage to your place.

100% Money Back

If it doesn't meet the standards you want, we'll give you a full refund.

Drip Irrigation Tape

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Drip Tape Accessories

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Irrigation Equipment

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Why Choose Us?

We are professional. We have our own brand awareness, but also choose todiversify OEM,ODM.

Our factory has an advanced automation production line, which is stable and fast in production.

Our products have been tested with multiple strict quality tests to ensure stable and reliable product quality.

We have rich industry experience to provide customers with irrigation schemes and products.

We have a perfect logistics system, and the delivery is fast and safe.

There are various types of products to meet customer purchase needs, convenient and fast.

Our products use new high-quality materials to ensure quality.

Need help in choosing the right irrigation tools?

Our factory has more than 11 years of experience in producing irrigation equipment. It has always been loved by farmers. Our customers are in every corner of the world.

We will arrange corresponding irrigation equipment for you based on your soil conditions and crops. Of course including drip tape, machinery and all accessories.

We have eight production lines. It can ensure enough products without delaying your farming time. If you have any questions please consult our customer service. I also hope you can click the button on the left to tell me your needs and questions.

Feedback from our customers around the world

Hear what our customers have to say about our company and products!

We have been working with MEKA for more than five years. Drip tape and accessories are purchased there every year. My customers often praise the quality of the product: “It’s very good! It saved us a lot of trouble!” 

Charlie Jones


 MEKA’s service is great! We are now collaborating on other projects. They basically became our purchasing agents in China.

Li Mingjun



Powerful company!
Perfect product!
Friendly staff!
Excellent service!



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I believe you will be very interested in our company’s products after reading this. If so, you can click on the product page to learn more about our various products. You can also click the button below to send us an email. We are very much looking forward to hearing from you. We will reply to you within 2 hours after receiving your message.

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